Services rendered by CK Cleaning Services mostly are office or building cleaning. Routine of daily cleaning of office premises including cleaning of work stations, vacuuming and mopping of floors and carpets, clearing waste material, washroom cleaning, janitorial services and more. Our staff are permanently employed full-time staff. Our employees are trained in cleaning methods, physiology and service

Office Cleaning

We offer full-service office cleaning for businesses in the Klang Valley region. This standard office cleaning consists of normal day-to-day janitorial duties including trash pickup, floor mopping, vacuuming, interior window washing and bathroom maintenance. The charge is based upon the frequency of cleanings and number of services per month. We will always be fully licensed and insured to protect your business equipment and property from theft or damage.

Janitorial Services

With CK Cleaning Services you can choose to customize your janitorial needs based on your convenience. It can be arranged before your operating hours, during operating hours or after operating hours as used as often as you require. You can use our janitor services on a daily basis or on alternate days or even choose to engage us on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly basis.

Commercial Cleaning

CK Cleaning Services offers professional commercial cleaning services to businesses in the Klang Valley area. Our goal is to make your facility a pristine environment for business. Leaving the cleaning to us will be one less thing your company will have to worry about and will allow your employees to increase their productivity. High Pressure Jet Cleaning High pressure jet cleaning tailored to any job size and texture ranging from our hand held units to platform mounted units. We provide external cleaning regardless to the height of a high rise or low rise building, with the use of different techniques such as scaffolding and gondola to achieve optimal results. Customized commercial or industrial cleaning of premises, tailored to meet your specific requirements. The job tasks may include Floor Cleaning Specializing in floor stripping, scrubbing, sealing and maintaining, using the best grade products and latest cleaning equipments.

Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance routines may cover up dry carpet cleaning, stain removal and stain proofing to maintain your carpet to last longer in years to come in proper shampooing techniques. Landscaping and grass cutting would be the start of all garden maintenance offered by us to you to bring out the beauty and the greenery of nature. Within cleaning, additional services can be provided, depending on specific needs. Whatever the size of your business, we offer only the best in cleaning services, customized to meet your specific needs.